Weekend Happenings – July 12th

It’s the weekend (almost)!

Is it just me, or did this week go by quickly?  With the holiday weekend behind us, I’ll take it.

We had our first official dinner party in the new house last night with friends.  You can’t go wrong with grilling, so the menu included grilled chicken breasts and zucchini, potato pockets (recipe coming soon) and a green salad.  Yum!  Summer foods really are the best.

And now…for some yummy finds from around the web.

I made this recipe for Chris and I and…oh.my.goodness.  You guys – go and make these crock-pot beef tacos.  So good and they keep amazingly.  I served ours with sharp cheddar cheese for the mister and cheddar, sliced avocado and plain greek yogurt for me.

How gorgeous does this slab pie look?  The food photography is outrageous.

Really want to make this macaroni and cheese.  Corn, bacon, and cheese, folks…where could you go wrong?

Have you seen this going around the internet?  It’s a pasta dish that you make in one pot…seems interesting, and I’m anxious to give it a shot.


Have a good weekend!

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